3D Rubber Playground Half, 3 ¼ Sphere To Play Area Surfaces

3D rubber playground EPDM spheres in half, full and ¾ sizes, are designed to be installed along play area wet pour / soft tarmac safety surfaces. The wet pour spheres, which do not need a critical fall height, are designed to add colour, texture and a form of seating to a play ground safety play area.

The globes, can also be used as a type of play equipment or as a pure decorative item. The ½ rubbereised circles or safety surface spheres can be made in 3 different sizes and these are full globes, half ½ or ¾ globes and are made in a mixture of 6 different colours – Orange, Brown, Beige, Yellow, Blue & Green.

The spheres are also made in different diameters to suit the design of the wet pour safety play area surface. 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 1000mm in full sphere, 1000mm in half ½ globe and 1000mm in ¾ globe. Installation is easy with 3 different methods to choose from. Please look at our website to look at this or call 01625 445760 to speak to a member of staff about the specifications, costs, pricing and product info on these rubber wet pour spheres

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