Surfaces for Multisport Courts

We at Sports and Safety Surfaces have been All Weather and MUGA specialists for over 20 years and have a wide knowledge of installations, restorations and

Polymeric MUGA Restoration

Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) are sports areas that can be used for many different purposes. The facilities are marked out for a variety of

The Benefits of Playing Hockey

Brutal fights, missing teeth, huge pads. No, not a night out at a dodgy disco in the 1980s; hockey. If you fancy yourself as the

Top 5 Sports Surfaces for Tennis

There are a number of sports surfaces which could be installed for tennis. Artificial surfacing is a preferred option for many players when compared to

How Much is Astroturf?

If you’re thinking of having a synthetic grass sports pitch built, you have probably thought a lot about the question ‘How much is astroturf?’ This

Synthetic Sport Pitches Standards 2016

The Synthetic Sport Pitches Standards 2016 has been changed. Testing bodies of the artificial grass sport pitches now have different criteria to pass the surfacing. As

Track and Field Facility Specialists

There are plenty of schools and public sports centres who have recently installed new athletics facilities to help improve activity and health for students and

Netball Court Resurfacing Experts

Over time your sports surface may become damaged or worn out due to excessive and repeated use. Our company can carry out services like resurfacing

Advanced 3G Sports Pitch Technology

An artificial grass 3G surface is the perfect flooring option for sports facilities with a primary use of football or rugby, however hockey can also

Tennis Court Cleaning Chemicals

Tennis court cleaning is the most important factor in any surface maintenance because build up of moss, algae and fungi can have a detrimental effect

Polymeric Sports Court Builders

It’s important for kids to enjoy a healthy lifestyle which includes plenty of exercise, this is why it’s vital that schools and clubs have top

Tennis Court Infill Rejuvenation

Tennis courts are popular sports facilities across the UK and are commonly installed at organisations like schools and sports clubs. The sports surface can be

Experts in Artificial Sports Pitches

The installation of artificial sports pitches has become very popular in a variety of organisations across the UK including schools, sports clubs and leisure centres.

Tennis Court Surfacing Company UK

Tennis is a very popular sport in the UK and it’s important to ensure that any tennis court facility is constructed to the best standards

Costs To Construct a Long Jump Runway

Athletics tracks and facilities are becoming extremely popular in schools, colleges and clubs across the UK. They can give an organisation the option to take

Costs To Install Football Air Domes

Football Air Domes are inflatable building structures which can be constructed over outdoor football pitches as well as other sports facilities such as tennis courts

What Are Sport Facility Air Domes?

Sport facility air domes are inflatable structures which can be constructed over outdoor sports facilities such as football pitches and tennis courts, as well as

Synthetic Golf Pathway Surfacing

Golf course walkways across the UK are designed to make it easy for golfers to navigate a golf course during their game without having to

Long Jump Surface Sandpit Rake

In order for your long jump runway surface to be in the best condition possible for high safety and performance standards, it is essential to

Residential Tennis Court Line Marking

Line marking or surfacing renovation is an essential part of MUGA and residential tennis courts maintenance. Multi use game areas or ball courts often have

Soft Impact Tarmac Rubber Flooring

Wetpour or soft impact tarmac rubber flooring is the perfect safety surface for areas that require an element of safety for children, toddlers and the

Carisbrooke Type 1 Macadam MUGA

Carisbrooke Type 1 Macadam MUGA Details of a muga project completed in macadam sports surfacing in carisbrooke. The multi use games area included groundworks, sub

Basketball Sports Line Marking

A perfect external sport surface for Basketball would be macadam. The installation of a macadam MUGA involves installing a two tier system to a depth

3G Artificial Rugby Pitch Cost

There are many different factors that can determine the cost of an artificial 3G synthetic pitch. Aspects such as sizes, dimensions, specifications, designs and location

3G Rugby Pitches Contractors

3G rugby pitches are synthetic all weather facilities that are designed to be used in most weather conditions and to be used almost incessantly. third

What Is A 3G Rugby Pitch?

A 3G rugby pitch is a sports surface that is designed for sports such as Football, Rugby and Hockey. The 3G synthetic artificial grass playing

Athletics Landing Sand Pit Edgings

Athletics landing sand pit have edgings installed at the time of construction as standard. These can be installed for a number of reasons as they

Wet Pour Rubberised Surface Spheres

Wetpour rubberised surface spheres can add to the uniqueness of certain playground specifications creating a high class finish to the wet pour flooring.  As well

Synthetic Turf Testing Services

Proactive testing on sports surfaces, play areas and recreational surfacing is vital in making sure it is fit for purpose. This type of facility needs

University Long Jump Run Up Pit

Soft Surfaces Ltd are a true one stop shop when it comes to the design, specification, funding advice and construction of long jump runways and

College Long Jump Runway Pit

Long jump runways and landing pits can be adapted to suit many different levels of sport, including national governing body level, college level and school

All Weather Pitch Surface Contractors

All Weather Pitch Surface Contractors carry out the construction, surfacing and maintenance of sports surfacing which could be a polymeric sports surface, sand filled synthetic

How Much Does An All Weather Pitch Cost?

‘How Much Does An All Weather Pitch Cost?’ is a common question asked by schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs and leisure centres. These organisations are

Tests for All Weather Pitches Flooring

Tests for All Weather Pitches Flooring is carried out throughout the UK in schools, leisure centres, sports clubs, colleges and universities. The testing might be

Rhino Mulch Safer Play Surfacing

Rhino Mulch Safer Play Surfacing is a recycled flexi rubber shred synthetic surfacing which is bound together with a PU Polymer. The porous, soft, one

Javelin Runway Surfacing

Javelin Run Up has a standard surface which is used throughout the UK. Javelin has recently seen more participation take place and this may be

Rubber Tarmac Playgrounds

Rubber tarmac is a popular building material which is used around children’s play areas with or without play equipment, schools and parks. It is designed

Rubber Tarmac Installation

Rubber tarmac is a soft safety surface that is designed to protect children from hurting themselves from falling from play equipment in play areas. Rubber

Rubber Tarmac Suppliers

Rubber Tarmac is now a popular part of any children’s play area in the UK. This well known safety surface is often known as different

Safety Playground Surface Finish

Safety playground surface finishes can come in different forms. The most well known play area safety area finish is known as wet pour or soft

Play Area Surface Finish

Play area surface finishes is a soft safety floor which is designed for use on children’s play areas which need a safety floor due to

Sports Pitch Surfaces Finish

Sports pitches in the UK can come in many different forms or finish. The Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) or sports pitches can be surfaced

Floodlight Artificial Grass Football Pitches

Floodlit artificial grass football sports pitches are one of the UK’s best specialists surfacing kickabout pitches and come in various sizes, specifications and designs. Construction

Tennis Court Contractors Federation

Tennis court construction is a specialised sector and involves complex specification and design. SAPCA Sport And Play Construction Association which was formerly the TCCF Tennis

Tennis Court Contractors UK

Tennis court construction is now a big thing in the UK. Ranging from full tennis court construction to tennis court refurbishment, the UK has contractors

Long Jump Sand Pit Cover

Long Jump Sand Pit Cover is designed to protect the play sand in the landing pit. It is designed so around the perimeter it is

Triple Jump Sand Pit Covers

Triple Jump Sand Pit Covers are used on both triple jump run ups and long jump runways. It is installed and supplied to protect the

Basketball Court MUGAs Dimension Sizes

We have completed many Basketball Multi Use Game Areas which have been constructed from various specifications. The construction of the MUGA is dependent on the

Playground Surfaces Rubber Suppliers

The wetpour we offer is excellent for providing a range of different benefits to a school including engagement, safety and aesthetics. The surface makes a

5th Generation Rubber Crumb Pitches

5th generation rubber crumb pitches are being passed about by powerleague to be installed on all their pitches and actually states ‘You’ll find 8 fully

The Best MUGA Company in the UK

The best MUGA company in the UK is asked by many customers and what determines the BEST company or contractor. The most popular answer would

Rebound Weld Mesh Ballstop Fence

Rebound Weld Mesh Ballstop Fence is a fencing system installed to the majority of MUGAs, tennis courts, sports pitches and multi use games areas within

Nortex Self Binding Gravel Surfacing

Nortex Self Binding Gravel Surfacing was used many years back for all weather surfaces on athletics tracks, training football pitches, long jump runways, tennis courts

LEAP, NEAP, LAP Park Areas

LEAP park areas are areas designed for children and kids to play. The LEAP description is a medium size park of approx 500-1000m² because less

Multisport Squeegee Applied Surface

Multisport Squeegee applied sports coating can vary in speed and playability depending on the surface coating applied. The multisport squeegee applied coating on tennis courts

Redgra All Weather Sports Surface

Redgra all-weather surfaces at present are currently all being renovated into a new state of the art 3G artificial pitches. The redgra surface was an

SSNBR Rubber Crumb Surface

SSNBR is a rubber crumb material that is much stronger than the traditional wetpour surface. The SSNBR is a rubber crumb that is supplied in

High Jump Fan Construction Surfaces

High Jump Fan construction can be done to tailor fit the clients throughout the United Kingdom. School and colleges have certain budgets they have to

3G Artificial Pitch Costs

3G artificial pitch costs depend on the schools, leisure centre or sports club budget. We can tailor make the sports surfaces pitch to meet their

Multitop Polymeric Sports Surface

Multitop polymeric surfacing is a porous polymeric surfacing system installed on multi use games areas and also MUGAs. It is a single layer rubber EPDM

Resurfacing Artificial Turf

Resurfacing artificial turf pitches are common within the UK on all weather pitches. All weather pitches are a synthetic sports pitch constructed in artificial grass.

Construction of Tennis Court Porous Pitch

Construction of tennis pitches varies upon location, drainage issues, standard of performance and desired surfaces. There are various surfacing and fence options available to suit

Rebounce Shockpad for Sports Surfacing

Here at Sports and Safety Surfaces, we pride ourselves on our specialist services and very high-quality products. We ensure customer satisfaction by offering advice and

What is an STP / ATP??

An STP stands for synthetic turf pitch and ATP stands for artificial turf pitch. Both meanings are the same with regards to the sports surfacing

What is a MUGA??

Many people ring to ask what is a MUGA? What is a MUSA and the general answer is that the abbreviated letters are multi-use games

Sports Surfacing Budgets

Every school in England will have the opportunity to establish a community club with synthetic turf pitch, as part of a new strategy to encourage

Europave Sports Surface Underlay Shockpad

Europave shockpad is another name for insitu rubber safety underlay which is used for 3G synthetic pitches. These safety shockpads are constructed from 2-6mm SBR (Styrene

DIY Synthetic Turf Repair Kits

Sports and Safety Surfaces would like to introduce their new easy to use artificial grass surfacing DIY tools. Each kit contains all the materials required


Q26 Special surfacing/ pavings for sports/ general amenity SURFACINGS FOR SPORTS AREAS 120       SURFACING FOR MULTISPORT AREA – SYNTHETIC TURF PITCH Type: Filled Synthetic Turf


Q26 Special surfacing/ pavings for sports/ general amenity SURFACINGS FOR SPORTS AREAS 120       SURFACING FOR MULTISPORT AREA – SYNTHETIC TURF PITCH Type: Synthetic Grass Surfacing


Q26 Special surfacing/ pavings for sport/ general amenity IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACINGS FOR PLAY AREAS 300       EXTENT OF IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACING General: Lay to the impact

Artificial Grass Repair Kit

Artificial Grass Repair Kits are designed to help anyone fix any damages to artificial grass. The main reason for inventing the kits is mainly for leisure


Q26 Special surfacings/ pavings for sport/ general amenity SPORTS SURFACING 110       INFORMATION TO BE PROVIDED BY THE CONTRACTOR Submit: –    Sports surface and shockpad: Independent

Rhino Turf RT65

Rhino Turf is an excellent, high durability surface type used across the UK for a number of sports courts. It is known as the world’s

Rhino-Turf RT60

Rhino-Turf RT60 is a football synthetic 3G surface designed for full-size pitches. It can be installed with or without a shock pad, however, you will


Rhino-Turf RT50 is a football synthetic surface designed for use in 5-a-side areas. It can be installed with or without a shockpad, however, you will

Rubber Shockpad

In situ rubber shock pads are constructed from 2-6mm SBR (Styrene Butadene Rubber) material and can either be hand laid or installed by machine depending

Recess Manhole Cover

For many of our Sports and Safety Surfaces that we install, we often come across manholes that require access to drainage and coverage for the

School Play Area Safety Surfaces

Wet-pour Impact absorbing safety surfacing can be installed onto various sub bases, compacted MOT type 1 stone being the most common. Existing hard surfaces, such