4G Non Infill Artificial Sports Pitches Football Surfaces

4G Non Infill Artificial Sports Pitches Football Surfaces are actually falsely named at present because there is no testing to say this is the 4th generation on sports pitches.

4G sports surfaces are being designed to be non filled but no accredited governing body has approved this to be 4G sports grass and actually some say it is a step back because the first generation artificial grass was a non infill synthetic turf system.

The 3G football grass is infilled with sand and rubber which is ideal for rugby also and therefore it raises doubts as to whether a non infill synthetic turf pitch would suit these sports because all the soccer small sided leagues praise how good the 3G surface is and shouldnt be long before it is introduced into the football league.

With this in mind if you would like some samples of the 4G synthetic turf then please visit our website on http://sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk/ or if you would like more information on 3G sports grass then please call 01625 445760.

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