7 a Side Football Pitch in 3G Artificial Turf Surfaces

We provide surfacing for a number of different sports across the UK. Regardless of the type of sport you are looking for, we will offer an amazing flooring option that is perfect for that sport. Each of our surfaces has different benefits and is better suited to an individual sport! For football pitch surfaces, we can offer amazing artificial grass to provide great additional features to players playing on the surface.

What is 7 a Side?

7 a side football pitches are a much smaller sports pitch where 7 players on each team play against each other. There is no standard size pitches or penalty areas due to different locations and restrictions on certain sites. Many facilities prefer to put smaller pitches in place as they are usually more enjoyable than 11 a side for players and are cheaper than full length pitches.

This is another variation with increased pitch and team size; in this case with six outfield players and a goalkeeper on each team. The rules generally do not differ from those from five-a-side –Wikipedia

The goalkeeper is only allowed in the penalty area and and most 7-a-side leagues have the rules of no overhead height for the football. There is no offside rule and football players generally participate in a game of 7 aside football for the duration of 40 minutes.

Astroturf Football Pitch Specialists

New 3G pitches are the latest innovation for 7-a-side pitches and these are a synthetic turf infilled with sand and rubber to give the playing characteristics. The 3G artificial grass is an ideal football surface and many old tennis courts are being resurfaced into a MUGA so that a varied selection of sports can be played.

7 a Side Pitch Costs

7-a-side football pitch costs approximately 80k dependent on the type on sports fencing, sports floodlighting required. The football pitch dimensions for this are usually 30m x 20m but do vary due to budgets and funding.

7 a side 3rd generation football pitches are all weather pitches that can be used all year round and give the playing characteristics of natural grass. The 3 g pitches are constructed with a drainage within the sub base so no 7-a-side games should be called off unless heavy snow. There is a 4th generation turf on the market which has no infill however the 4G is generally used on full size football fields and we feel the best surface is a 3G sports grass surface.

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