All Weather Pitch Resurfacing Upgrade Contractors for IRB, RFU Rugby Fields

All Weather Pitch Resurfacing Upgrade Contractors for IRB, RFU Rugby Fields in the UK design and specify long pile synthetic grass products due to the amount of falls and tackles from players, children and kids on the playing surface. Many old synthetic pitches were a short piled sand carpet not ideal for rugby league or rugby union.

Rugby League has recently had an artificial pitch built for the main stadium at widnes which is known as the i-pitch and is basically an artificial grass infilled with sand and rubber. The specifications usually require a shockpad under the surfacing which could be a rebounce preformed or an insitu rubber shock pad.

All weather pitches can now be maintained, upgraded, resurfaced and renovated as standard practice, depending on the type of surfacing installed. EPDM Polymeric rubber, Synthetic Artificial 3G Grass and Porous Macadam are all types of all weather surfaces and these can be resurfaced if required.

We are contractors that are specialist construction and maintenance contractors that have installed and renovated many types of sports surfacing. These surfaces have been designed, specified and constructed to many different sizes and dimensions, depending on the area that is available and budget/funding.

These sports facilities can all be renovated and upgraded whenever the client feels and these improvements includes patch repairs, complete resurfacing, new game line marking and new anti slip coatings, depending on the amount of sporting use and level of sports being played. These ball courts or multi use game areas can also have things like sports floodlighting and super rebound sports fencing installed and these areas can help to increase the revenue for these systems as they can allow the facility to be open for longer.

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