Asphalt Macadam Sports Surfacing Recolouring

MUGA sports courts with a porous macadam/asphalt surface often need renovating and a common way to do this is to recolour the flooring with a new paint coating. Macadam sports surfacing recolouring can have numerous positive effects on the facility. It can change the colour and appearance of the sports court, it can potentially upgrade and improve the line markings of the court. It can also enhance and improve the slip resistance and it can also give you the opportunity to add different activities to the surface. Multi use games areas are often in need of maintenance like cleaning and re painting and this is a perfect way to achieve the required effect.

Macadam Services Paint Coatings
Painting Macadam Court in Purple

How is the Colour Applied?

The macadam sport surfacing recolouring is done by an airless spray unit which provides a fast and efficient way of painting the court, no matter what the facility location, dimensions and specification. Patch repairs, perimeter repairs and new fencing are other ways to improve the facility that is available. There are also other types of MUGA surfacing that is available in the UK such as EPDM Polymeric rubber and all weather non grass surfaces and all of these have different maintenance specifications and requirements.

The specialist acrylic paint creates anti slip properties on the court surface to enhance the playability and make for better performance with a range of sports and activities. Different colours and designs can be applied to give you full control over the final look of your macadam sports surface.

Many schools and clubs choose macadam sports facilities because they’re extremely versatile and hard wearing to withstand heavy use in all weather conditions. The porous nature of this surface type means it can be used all year round as water can drain through it easily instead of building up on the court and leading to a slippery surface which would be unsafe. We have installed countless MUGA facilities in tarmac at schools, colleges, leisure centres and residential homes throughout the UK and would be happy to discuss an installation project with you.

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There are a number of companies in England and Wales that will be available to assist you in the design and resurfacing of your existing MUGA system and we are one of them, being a turnkey contractor in the UK.  Please use our contact form to get in touch with us or visit our website on to find out more about macadam sports surfacing recolouring or any of the other services we have available.

Our friendly staff will be able to offer professional advice on the best specifications, designs and costs for construction, painting and maintenance of the various sport surface types that we specialise in.

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