Asphalt Macadam Tennis Court Acrylic Coating Anti Slip Paint

Tennis courts are often built in a facility called a MUGA or multi use games area as it provides a secure, safe and balanced sports facility that people can use, in whatever part of the country. Many of these MUGAs are built especially for sports like Tennis and over time the surface can become worn and in need of renovation and recoating.

Asphalt tennis courts need a testing or anti slip rating of TRRL 60 in order to be safe and to provide the correct amount of stability and friction between the surface and the player. An asphalt tennis court often has acrylic or water based anti slip coatings applied as this is widely regarding as the best type of coating that can be applied. MUGAs or kickabout courts that have been built for tennis, often have different sports markings and sports played on them as this can ensure best value from the facility.

Basketball, netball (TRRL 75), football and badminton are all sports that are commonly seen on multi use games areas hence why these areas can be constructed and specified to tailor any size / dimension, location and type.  Other surface types include All weather astro – turf grass and Polymeric rubber. Another reason for a tennis court coating could be that the individual club / school would like to change the court colours and the best way to do this is the renovation of the anti slip coatings.

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