Athletics Landing Sand Pit Mowing Strip Specifications

Athletics landing sand pit mowing strips do have a standard dimension and surface. However, we can design these to suit most types of specifications and designs and cover most types of budget/cost requirements. The normal or standard specification and construction of a sand pit mowing strip is a 450mm wide concrete flag surface or rubber surfacing. Both of these products can offer different properties as they have a different construction method.

EPDM recycled rubber is bonded with a polyurethane and installed to the correct depth with a float and provides a fully porous surface. Concrete Flags are 50mm thick and provide a solid, non porous area.

We will install long jump or triple jump runway landing pit mowing area to provide the sand pit with protection. It allows you to cut the grass in the surrounding area without the risk of the cuttings entering the sand. The strips can also provide an area that will prevent weed growth from entering the sand. It even offers an area where officials can stand to take jump measurements.

Like I have just said, these mowing areas can be constructed and designed to fit with most specifications and budgets. Please talk to us if you would like a quotation or discuss possible costing for these areas. Funding is now also available from many places which include Inspired facilities and Sport England. Be sure to look into these options in more detail if you think they could help you.

Triple Jump Sand Pit Covers
Triple Jump Sand Pit Cover

We are a true one stop shop for these areas and please visit for more information. You can also call us 01625 445760 for specifications like the NBS spec or details with sub base groundworks and maintenance details

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