ATP, STP, AGP Long Pile Synthetic Grass Pitches

ATP, STP, AGP Long Pile Synthetic Grass Pitches is classed as a 40mm depth artificial grass, 50mm pile height synthetic turf or a 60mm plastic pitch carpet. Manufacturers and suppliers of artificial grass in the UK can provide these depths for the 3G grass products or also known as 4G synthetic turf or 5G astroturf to certain suppliers of the products.

Long pile synthetic grass surfaces are designed for football, soccer, rugby union and rugby league. It usually is installed onto a rebounce shockpad or an insitu rubber shock pad. The shockpad underlay gives better playing characteristics and helps prevent the carpet from rucking.

Football and soccer long pile synthetic turf carpets are usually tested to IATS accreditation. This is the equivalent to FIFA One Star standards but also there is a FIFA Two Star accreditation. The IATS standard meets the FIFA 1* but this accreditation needs to be tested in a lab to make sure the artificial grass meets the standards and also needs a field test to basically make sure the synthetic turf is installed correctly.

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