Basketball Court MUGAs Dimension Sizes

We have completed many Basketball Multi Use Game Areas which have been constructed from various specifications. The construction of the MUGA is dependent on the price and budget of the customer. The Basketball Court size has a standard 28m x 15m dimension and has had new-look game line markings since 1 October 2010, these include the modification of the shape of the court and the 3 point line.

You can play Basketball on a number of different sports surfaces such as Macadam Court, Polymeric surface and a Synthetic Turf System. On Multi Use games Areas the sports lines are 50mm wide and the colours are dependent on the other sports being played on the MUGA, although they are normally blue.

Basketball usually has the hoop incorporated within the ballstop fencing which is usually a 3m high sports rebound fence. However, this can vary dependent on the other sports you want to play on the MUGAs. The main sports are usually football, netball and tennis.

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