Basketball Sports Line Marking

A perfect external sport surface for Basketball would be macadam. The installation of a macadam MUGA involves installing a two tier system to a depth of 75mm being on top of a sub base off 150mm compacted MOT Type 1 stone Base Layer open textured macadam is made up of 18-20mm aggregates and laid to a depth of 50mm with the wearing course being made up of 6mm aggregates and laid to a depth of 25mm.


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Sports Line Marking Paint

Once installed the surface is covered in a coloured anti-slip paint of either acrylic or polyurethane allowing you to personalise the colour and design of the court.  The amount and concentration of this paint will determine the slip resistance of it, basketball and tennis require a slip resistant of TRRL 60 where as Netball requires a higher slip resistance of TRRL 75.

Recolouring of Tennis Courts, Basketball MUGA, Netball MUGAs
Recolouring of Tennis Courts, Basketball MUGAs, Netball MUGA

Costs and prices can vary dependent on the size of area requiring basketball line markings however the official size and dimensions of a basketball court are 25m x 15m and just like the surface can be applied in a number of different colours e.g. white, red, and blue, etc and are usually applied in anti-slip Polyurethane paint. This method of sports line marking would also be the same if the surface was a Polymeric Multi Sport 15 which is another surface that would be effective for Basketball.

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