Benefits of a Long Jump Runway Shockpad

When we install a long jump pit facility our clients usually want the best quality and most comfortable surface, this is why we recommend the benefits of a long jump runway shockpad. This is a preformed layer which will be applied underneath a Multisport synthetic turf run up surface to provide more comfort and better safety qualities for those using the area.

Benefits of a Long Jump Runway Shockpad
Long Jump Track Construction

The specification of a preformed shockpad is made using flexible foam and can be installed onto a dynamic sub base during the construction of a long jump facility. Using this foam material means that there is more cushioning on the athletes’ joints when they run, and the longevity of the Multisport synthetic carpet is increased as well. The specialist sports shockpad acts as an underlay between the sub base and the artificial carpet to reduce friction and prevent damage. This therefore makes the surface more cost effective by reducing the need for synthetic surface repairs in the future. By installing this type of impact absorbing layer beneath the run up surface, users are better protected from injury as the shock attenuation is greater. This means that if someone falls on the running track, the surface will be more forgiving in bouncing back to absorb the impact rather than causing injury through falling on a hard surface.


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Long Jump Pit Construction Specialists

Our team of long jump pit construction specialists work throughout the UK at various organisations, and many of our clients choose to have their facilities installed in the Multisport synthetic turf design. This surface type is ideal for primary school runways and recreational areas as it is soft and extremely durable for use all year round. By having a preformed foam shockpad installed underneath this type of carpet surface, the vertical deformation and energy restitution qualities are improved. This means that the surface is more comfortable for users to run on, and it also absorbs impact and bounces back to prevent injuries from trips or falls.

Needlepunch Construction Shockpad Installation
Shockpad Installation to a Sports Pitch

Another of the popular benefits of a long jump runway shockpad is that the lifespan of the surface can be increased due to reduced friction between the dynamic sub base and the Multisport synthetic material. Impact performance testing can be completed to assess the vertical deformation, energy restitution and force reduction qualities to ensure that your surface is playing to its maximum potential. As well as being long jump pit construction specialists, we can also install these preformed shockpads with other facilities such as full sized sports pitches and multi use games areas for optimum comfort.

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