Bitmac Macadam Multi Use Games Area Surfacing

MUGAs or kickabout courts are often found in sports clubs, schools and parks facilities that offer people the chance to play numerous sports on the one surface, in a contained and safe environment. One of the surface types that clients often choose is the Asphalt specification. This is commonly known as Porous Tarmac and is perfect for sports such as basketball, tennis and football. Asphalt can be constructed to suit almost any area size/dimension and the final surface is quite hard which can be difficult on the body but has excellent long term maintenance requirements.

There are also other types of MUGA surfacing available and these include 3G / synthetic astro turf all weather grass and Polymeric rubber systems. Astro – turf / synthetic grass can also be specified to house multi sports but has very different playing characteristics. Asphalt and Polymeric are multi sport systems but are designed for ball sports like tennis and football.  Asphalt sports surfaces often require an anti slip coating as standard and also the addition of different sports game line marks. This is to ensure that the surface is suitable for lots of different sports.

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