Claiming For Injuries On Unsafe All Weather Pitches Surfacing

Claiming For Injuries On Unsafe All Weather Pitches Surfacing is a question being asked by many players at present because the majority of artificial sports pitches or astroturf multi use games areas are unsafe and badly maintained or dont have maintenance carried out at all.

All weather pitches / Synthetic turf pitches are all required to meet current sporting performance criteria, no matter what age or type of surface they are. The criteria are there to ensure that all users or participants on this surface are completely safe when using the surface/surfacing.

More and more claims being made against the pitch operator or owners by reactive schools, parents, general users, who have suffered injury on these surfaces which have not been properly tested, if at all. A personal injury company are now looking into the injuries, accidents by players and checking to see whether they have a case because most players who pay to rent a facility have entered a contractual agreement and part of this is that the pitch occupier provides a safe playing area for the children, kids or adults on the all weather pitches. If you have had an injury and feel you have a claim for injury their number is 01616272469.

These all weather pitches require to be tested every 12 months, and this will ensure that facility owners are taking a proactive role in surface maintenance. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more reactive maintenance and this often means more time and money in surface maintenance and end-user lawsuits.

This testing covers many areas of the pitch including ball roll, slip resistance, ball bounce, shock absorption and friction, so this means that every little part of the surfacing is covered. Here at Soft Surfaces Ltd, we take this area of the sports sector very seriously, especially as premier sports facility contractors.

We have managed to receive funding for the sports pitch testing in providing affordable costs to schools, leisure centres, colleges and sports clubs. If you send an email through to [email protected] and quote TEST50 we are able to reduce the quotation to 50% of the standard rate. Hopefully this will give headteachers, bursars, owners, pitch occupiers the chance to be proactive in both their maintenance procedure and testing because soon insurance companies are going to be asking for this documentation to renew their policies.

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