Construction of Sports Pitch Stone Sub Base

The sub-base to the multi-use games area is vital in the construction of the completed MUGA. It has to be structurally stable and also to the tolerance to meet the playing characteristics. The stone sub-base is best installed through a barber green when the area is so large because this gets the laser levelled finish for the sports surfacing to install onto.

What is Sports Pitch Stone Sub Base?

The construction of the MUGA and sports pitches vary depending on location and whether drainage is an issue. If drainage is an issue then lateral drains are usually installed within the stone sub base because the whole system should be porous and therefore rainwater will soak through down into the drainage channels.

The building and construction of the MUGA is usually installed within the perimeter edges which is commonly precast concrete edges. These edges are haunched on concrete and left proud of the stone sub-base so that the tarmac, macadam, shockpad and synthetic turf can be installed onto.

Sub Base for Sports Surface

A dynamic base eliminates the macadam open-textured sub base but the levels of the stone need to be spot on for the europave shockpad to be installed. Below shows a video of the stone sub-base being installed and laser levelled for the surface to be installed onto it:

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