Decorative Resin Bound Gravel Pathway Surfacing

Decorative Resin Bound Gravel Pathway Surfacing is becoming very popular in schools, universities, leisure centres and parks because it is long lasting, hard wearing and a porous system. The porosity of the surfacing is so good then many tree pits are starting to have this resin bound gravel flooring applied because the water can soak through the surface easily.

Resin Bound Gravel Surface Specifications

There are a number of resin bound aggregate suppliers in the UK so the colour range can be designed to meet your needs and many architects are designing these with their specification because being cost effective then it can fit within the budgets and funding.

The prices and quotes can vary depending on the depth of the resin bound stone surface because if heavy vehicular access was required then a slightly deeper depth of surfacing will be needed but common depths within the industry are 12mm depth, 14mm height, 16mm depth, 18mm height or 20mm which is installed onto a solid porous sub base. On tree pits these can be as deep as 50mm or 30mm depth but this depends on the architects specification which will normally have this information. The pathways used for pedestrian traffic are majority of the time a 16mm depth aggregate which is a seamless system, mixed onsite and laid in situ so can be installed to fit any shape or size required. The size, dimensions and measurements are determined by the edge constraint because you need to be installing up to something with this flooring so most common is a pcc edge, timber edge or wall.

Here is an example of some of our previous work using resin bound gravel:

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