The Difference Between an Athletics Track and a Running Track?

Is there a significant difference between the specifications of the surfaces used to install an athletics track and the surfaces used to install a running track? The short answer to that is no, there isn’t a difference between the two. This is because athletics tracks and running tracks are more or less the same thing. Therefore they are constructed from the same materials and installed in the same way.

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Specifications For Running and Athletics Tracks

Athletics track facilities can be constructed to different dimensions and specifications to suit the requirements and budgets of each individual organisation or sports facility to ensure that the best and most appropriate running surface is installed. There are 3 main types of surface which athletics tracks can be constructed from, however they are all made in situ from rubber crumb with a PU (polyurethane) binder, but each type is put together in a slightly different way:

  • Full EPDM Surface – This athletics track surface is made up entirely of EPDM rubber which is installed in multiple layers to a combined depth of 13mm.
  • Sandwich System – Made up of two different layers: a 10mm SBR base and a 3mm EPDM layer which have an overall depth of 13mm.
  • Structural Spray Polymeric – Has a depth of 15mm which is made up of a 12mm SBR base and a 3mm EPDM sprayed textured surface.
Polymeric Surfacing Athletics Track Construction
Blue Rubber Running Track

Multisport Synthetic Turf

As an alternative to the polymeric rubber specifications, many organisations have running tracks installed in Multisport synthetic turf. This is a needlepunch carpet specification which is ideal for recreational facilities at schools or local leisure centres. The artificial turf system creates a soft and durable surface for children to run on, and contains a specialist sand infill for stability.

There is a choice of colours available so you are able to have a multi coloured stripe design for your running surface. If you are thinking of having a recreational practise facility built, we would recommend this needlepunch specification as it is more suitable and cost effective for this level of use.

A Multitude of Athletic Events

While running tracks do what they say on the tin and provide a surface for sprinting and long distance running events, athletics tracks can be built to different specifications which cater for a range of other sports and events. For example sport surfaces can be installed to be used as triple jump, long jump and high jump runways, pole vault run ups and for different distance hurdles events.

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Compact Sports Facilities

A new model of cost-effective as well as sustainable external athletic areas which provide a way into sporting club venues is now getting made. Lots of young children do not get the opportunity to get involved in particular athletics. The reason for this is that academic institutions find it hard to have good quality athletics facilities fitted.

The primary reason for this could often be as a result of limited space outside or a shortage of available funds at the institution. Designs and specs might be modified to suit different spending budgets and requirements. Additionally, they are built to produce the FUNdamental movement skills of run, jump and throw.

Synthetic High Jump Equipment Flooring Design
Red High Jump Area

Children’s Participation

Youngsters are going to be introduced to a number of activities. This is helping to raise the number of young children taking part in compact athletics. A few of the widely chosen facilities consist of shuttle run tracks, throwing areas in addition to jogging circuits.

Multiple activity facilities can be achieved by installing a single track; this can be utilised for long jump activities, relay races, hurdles and many others. For academic institutions with only a little space or money, this is the perfect substitute for a full-sized running track.

One reason why having a multi sports space installed is advantageous for the kids is because it enables them to explore different activities. They can find one that they enjoy, which may steer them to even more possibilities later on. A primary problem in existing athletics supply is a scarcity of developmental facilities which are made for beginners and young people at the beginning of the athlete growth model.

Many experts recommend these sports activities should be accessible to children from who are only in primary school Key Stage One and up to Key Stage 4. A brand new athletics model has been created by UKA, enabling children to participate in these areas. This provides a cost efficient, versatile, entry level solution that makes use of pleasing layouts and colours designed to entice new participants.

Design and Construction

For companies with limited budget along with external space, the compact athletics facilities make a ideal option for teaching basic FUNdamental skills within a selection of sporting activities. Many companies choose to get triple jump runways and also high jump fans fitted for their compact athletics facility. Wherever there’s a shortage of space, we will reduce the dimensions and design of specific sports and athletics facilities. The flexibleness of the design of compact athletics facilities means that they’re relevant to a wide range of different cases.

For a lot of projects, present sports activity and play areas may be enhanced in schools and colleges to produce a more diverse athletics provision. By participating in distinct sports and activities, young children from KS1-KS4 can all improve leaning and physical fitness abilities.

One reason you will need to enhance your sports facility is to motivate kids to participate in these kinds of sports. Compact facilities are an affordable alternative available to any type of school or athletics centre. If you want the young people at your organisation to develop physical activity skills, it is recommended that you get a compact facility put in as FUNdamentals are presented.

Have a look at this video below which shows the full construction of a compact long jump runway facility for a school. This can be used for a number of different activities including jumping events, sprinting and other games.

UKA looks to improve desire for athletics and introducing available facilities for kids is a huge step to this objective. In 2017 the IPC and IAAF World Championships is going to be in London, hopefully inspiring a lot more young children to become involved in the sport at school. When using such compact athletics facilities, kids might find a certain activity they like. Then they might enroll in a qualified sporting club – helping to better contribution in sports.

Our Expertise

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