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Our knowledge within the industry is key to providing an excellent service for you to ensure you are more than happy with the final product you receive. We have an abundance of experience to support this.

Wetpour is an excellent surface type to consider, especially if you are choosing for a children’s facility such as a park or school playground. This is because of the many safety enhancements it has and the many different colours it can come in. Brighter coloured playgrounds are also proven to engage children to a much higher degree due to the attraction that children have towards it so by combining game activities and brighter coloured play surfaces, it is greatly beneficial to a school as the children will be able to have fun at the same time they are learning.

Soft Easifall Flooring

We have an abundance of materials and machinery to provide a service that is completed to the highest standard possible to ensure that you are more than happy with your final product. The surfaces should be proactively maintained to ensure that no dirt is able to build upon the surface. This is because, without the maintenance, it is highly likely that dirt will stick inside the surface and block the pores. Therefore, it loses its porosity and can be the reason for flooding and waterlogging which can result in permanent damage to the surface.

Soft impact tarmac rubber flooring is often known as Wetpour, soft tarmac, bouncy rubber and poured in place. Easifall used to use the term wet pour and this is often used for areas which require a safety surfacing that can possibly protect against CFH. Soft impact rubber crumb flooring is an impact absorbing, porous safety surface that is often constructed in areas such as playgrounds, play areas with play equipment, pathways and parks and needs to be built on top of a solid sub base like asphalt, no fines concrete, bitmac and tarmacadam. Rubber pathways on golf courses was a big trade area for easifall international Ltd and it is good to know that we have several options of specifications for golf pathways.

Wetpour surfacing can include a variety of complex graphics if necessary. We commonly provide fun designs fo schools such as caterpillars and bees which are used to engage the children and to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere during their break to allow them to utilise the fresh air to its maximum potential. If the facility requires specific designs, we can help to supply these for you. The range of factors that affect these different graphics include size, shape, colour and placement.

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Wet pour or bouncy rubber is tested to ensure that it meets all safety ratings and accreditations and it can be specified, designed and constructed to suit almost any location, size and colour. We specialise in wetpour and are able to provide you with all of the assistance necessary to ensure that your demands are met. By filling in the contact form, you will be able to ask questions regarding anything to do with easifall such as project requirements, quotations, pricing, costs and maintenance issues.

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