Environment Benefits to Synthetic All Weather Sports Surfaces

Artificial surface fields are designed to be more resilient to the environmental weather conditions than natural grass sports pitches. With drainage systems being able to store rainwater beneath the surface within the sub base, heavy downpours and poor field conditions are rarely an issue with artificial ports surfaces, even in the wettest climate of the UK.

Very unusual weather conditions for the UK but on the other end of the spectrum if we were to experience an extreme drought the synthetic sport pitches are not left with dry, brittle conditions if they switch to synthetic all weather surfaces. In drought conditions the natural grass fields can almost be the same playing characteristics as tarmac, macadam and bitmac which isnt ideal for football or rugby.

In drought conditions also it eliminates the need of having to water these fields. Results show the amount of water needed is astonishing with surveys carried out showing in places within the US that a full size synthetic pitch field uses between 500,000 to 700,000 gallons of water each year. This saving on the environment should soon eliminate the hose pipe ban.

For further details on why synthetic sports surfaces save on the environment please visit http://sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk/ which has all specifications and products on artificial surfacing from synthetic grass flooring, polymeric surfacing to 3G artificial grass surfaces

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