Fibrillating 3G Synthetic Sports Surface

Fibrillating third generation 3G synthetic surfaces can vary in depth dependent on the sports being played and generally vary in depth from 35mm – 65mm pile height. The yarns is usually polyethylene or polypropylene and the texture can feel different underfoot with the stitch rates.

There are many different artificial grass suppliers from rhino turf, playrite and many others who supply the synthetic 3G surfacing to many different standards like FA, FIFA, FIH, IRB and RFU. The manufacturers usually work on a 4-6 weeks lead time so be careful with project management because the installers need to wait for this to carry out the full installation so make sure you cost in the time on site within your quotes and prices.

The fibrillating 3G sports grass is a single yarn that splits off like a ducks web feet and is broken down into multiple fibres which holds the infill into the sports surfacing and its main advantage is that the rubber movement isnt as much as that of the monofillament which is a single fibre blade. However the monofilament fibres are hard wearing and longer lasting than the fibrillated third generation 3G sports grass.

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