Floodlight Artificial Grass Football Pitches

Floodlit artificial grass football sports pitches are one of the UK’s best specialists surfacing kickabout pitches and come in various sizes, specifications and designs. Construction of an Astro – turf pitch is dependent on many factors.

There are a number of different sizes although we can tailor them to suit the overall site and budget. Overall, the bigger the size, the bigger the cost. Funding for these projects often comes from private donations. However it can also be available from government initiatives and National Lottery backed schemes.

Floodlights for Artificial Grass Sports Pitch

Artificial grass football surfaces include 3G Astroturf 3rd generation turf, 4G astro turf 4th generation pitches and 5G 5th generation pitches. A maintenance cost of these surfaces is generally very little over the life of the surface, especially when you consider the cost of a natural grass surface.

Polymeric Rubber & Porous Macadam are other sports surfaces that are used. Many clients also choose floodlights when constructing an artificial grass sports pitch. Lighting for sports pitches can increase your revenue as you can rent out the pitch for evening use.

Floodlighting for MUGA Pitches

Floodlights can be an attractive option for the MUGA upgrade. As a rule, the brighter the sports floodlights, the better and this is measured in LUX. A synthetic grass football pitch has a minimum LUX of 200, Hockey surface 350 LUX, Tennis Courts 250 LUX. When specifying floodlighting, you will have to consider the lifetime running costs, maintenance and the total light Lumen (light output).

We are a real turnkey contractor and can complete all aspects of your floodlit artificial grass football sports surface. We offer construction and maintenance and we can work to any specification and design. Please call 01625 445760 for more details or visit http://sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk/.

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