Floodlight Tennis Courts MUGA Ball court

Floodlit Tennis court MUGA ball courts are an all round, multi dimension & design kickabout court that ensures that the desired sport can be played all year round. Every MUGA is different as size, specification, specialist surfacing and sports floodlights can all affect the build cost and maintenance costs.

Construction of a tennis court or ball court can be a complicated matter as funding and budgets have to be considered. The playing surface of the ball court is also vital. Porous Macadam is an option along with a Polymeric EPDM surface. 3rd generation 3G astro – turf, 4th generation 4G astro turf and 5th generation 5G Astroturf are other options. Lighting and fencing the tennis court MUGA ball court also be achieved.

Ongoing maintenance costs are an area which you need to think about. Court cleaning, surface re painting and a damaged court resurface are common maintenance issues. If you are looking for a contractor to complete these works for you, Soft Surfaces Ltd is a contractor who covers every section of the project, ranging from full construction to maintenance. Please call 01625 445760 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have or visit http://sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk/.

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