Hardwood Weatherproof Long Jump Take Off Board

The long jump and triple take off boards are made from weatherproof hard wood which is primed, sealed and polyurethane painted to ensure the triple jump or long jump wooden board is strong, has strong durability and is practical for the sports facilities.

The Hardwood Weatherproof Long Jump Take Off Board is basically the white marker board which helps identify the take off jump area for athletes and helps the judges clearly check the school children, kids, athletics players are sticking to the rules.

I would be very careful in the supply of these boards because in previous years when purchasing these long jump runway take off planks then we have been supplied with various types of wood that have literally lasted months and needed to exchange these. I would always make sure the wood is hardwood and is properly sealed and painted.

Long Jump School Fixed Take-Off Boards
Long Jump School Fixed Take-Off Board

The standard sizes for these are Long Jump Take Off Board – SENIOR (1220 x 292 x 95mm) and Long Jump Take Off Board – JUNIOR (1220 x 203 x 95mm).

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