High Jump Runway Construction Designs, Length, Specifications, Prices

High jump runway construction designs, dimensions, specifications, prices all are key questions that are needed to be answered when trying to quote for the formation of a new high jump fan. This is also the case if you’re looking to renovate an old existing high jump runway. Our experts can take a look at your project and offer a price which suits what you need.

The length of the high jump fan is dependent on the budget, grant and funding they have in place and can vary to suit this. In the design and specification, it will clearly mark out the measurements and dimensions of the surface. We can then price this with the relevant groundworks and construction detail approved.

High Jump Fan Construction Surfaces

Building the High Jump Facility

The construction of the athletics facilities usually always uses porous materials. This helps make the areas an all-weather sports surface to play on. The children in schools need to be able to use the sports surfacing all year round. This means the porosity needs to be good so that rainwater soaks through instead of sitting on top.

The dimensions of these athletics facilities will vary depending on a number of factors. For example, if you want to use the area for competitive standards you’ll probably want a larger run-up. For recreational use in schools, a smaller runway may work better and help stay within budget.

We can create a bespoke design which suits your price range and the activities you want to use the facility for. Different surface types and colours are also available to create a unique surface.

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