How Much Does a 3G Pitch Cost to Build?

This is a very good question to ask and the bottom line is simply dependent on the clients budget, funding and grant available. The reason for this is because imagine asking yourself how much does a car cost to buy and you can purchase a car for £200 which needs regular maintenance and won’t last very long or you can purchase a top of the range Rolls Royce which costs up to one million pounds.

Costs to Build a 3G Sports Pitch

3G sports pitches are the latest design in football, hockey and rugby fields and the 3rd generation synthetic turf is infilled with sand and rubber. The rubber infill sports grass is known to many as the grass with the black balls in or with the rubber pellets. This type of surface is fully porous making it an all-weather surface sports pitch.

Factors Affecting the Work

The construction of the third generation artificial grass sports field is also dependent on the surrounding areas to whether you need extra drainage, extra excavations carried out and this is all provided in the specification and design of the construction manual.

The manual should outline the specification of the materials, suppliers and also the sizes/measurements and dimensions of the finished ball court. From this information quotes, costs and prices can be generated which then will give the final costs of the 3G pitch.

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