In Situ Slip Resistance Testing to MUGA Flooring

In Situ Slip Resistance Testing to MUGA Flooring is carried out to make sure the surfacing is safe and the HSE set out guidelines for flooring specifications to keep the health and safety fine for the players and free from any possible slips, falls and trips.

The tests for the slip resistant is carried out to BS7976 pendulum testing and BS EN 13036-4 testing different sports require varied playing characteristics. For example the Lawn Tennis Association aka LTA require a slip resistance minimum of TRRL and this is for both tennis and mini tennis.

While on MUGAs if netball is being played with multisports like basketball, hockey, football and 5-a-side then the TRRL slip results usually require a minimum of 75. This is mainly due to the slippyness needed for All England Netball Association aka AENA.

Monitoring Slip Resistance

Measuring and monitoring the slip resistance on multi use games areas is vital because you wouldnt want to be held responsible in court if a visitor, player, children or kids have a nasty fall and suffer any broken bones because judges will be asking what duty of diligence was carried out with regards to annually testing from independent testing bodies, maintenance procedures and what other measures was taken for the safety of the people using the ball courts.

If you would like a testing report and assessment carried out then please fill in the contact form at The report would be a worthwhile investment because will send through consultancy advice on whether you need to carry out any maintenance or cleaning of the surfacing. It can also suggest rejuvenation, resurfacing or a new anti slip paint application in either a polyurethane paint or water-based acrylic anti-slip colour coating.

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