Lano Sports Interplay 3G Synthetic Grass Surfacing

For schools, sport clubs and leisure centres that need a high quality, 3G synthetic turf pitch that can effectively be used for both Hockey and Football you need look no further. The Lano sports interplay 3G synthetic surface is a ground-breaking product that has the qualities suitable for both Hockey and Football at a professional standard.

The Lano sports interplay 3rd generation surface meets all accreditations set by FIFA1* and the FIH, making it a versatile 3G synthetic turf that can play both Hockey and Football at a high quality standard. Having a pitch that can effectively play both these sports can save your institution on costs and help you stay within your budget. However the overall price of the pitch will change in regards to your location, design and any other specifications taken into account.

Lano Sports Interplay Specification

The Lano sports interplay 3G pitch surfacing comes with a two tonal shade of green, giving it a professional and high quality finish that other 3G surfaces just can’t compete with. The artificial grass surfacing has crimped monotape yarn that has curls in multiple directions allowing an even surface coverage, meaning both types of balls can easily move across the surface.  For sports clubs playing at a high quality standard in both Football and Hockey, this 3G synthetic sports pitch is perfect as it reduces costs, accommodating two sports onto one pitch, helping clubs that have a tight budget.

The costs can also vary due to construction and installation specifications, such as ease of access, but for any institute that values Football and Hockey highly, the Lano sports interplay 3G artificial grass surfacing is truly a great investment. We can be lano sports suppliers but also installers of the various synthetic turf products they offer so please fill in our contact form for further details, prices, costs and information.

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