IRB Artificial Rugby Surfacing Performance Specification

IRB Artificial Rugby Surfacing Performance Specification is set for contractors who build and construct artificial pitch rugby fields. The performance specification is outlined to manufacturers and suppliers who produce the artificial grass and these carpets have to pass laboratory tests to make sure the IRB are happy with the testing results.

Once the rugby field is constructed and built then further field tests are needed to be carried out because onsite insitu testing is crucial in making sure the long pile artificial grass surfacing is installed correctly with the right amount of infill and to the tolerance deviation set out in the testing reports. Continued field tests are needed to be taken every two years to make sure the rugby pitch continues to meet the accreditation and that sufficient maintenance is carried out to keep it within the parameters of the test reports.

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What is IRB Artificial Rugby Surfacing Performance Specifications? We’ll help you out.

IATS, RFU and RFL are other sports governing bodies who carry out similar accreditations for the artificial rugby surfacing and if you require any details on the specification, budgets and funding please call our head office on 01625445760 where we can assist you with details on the costs, prices and quotes.

Alternatively for further details on the different artificial grass options whether you require a 3G synthetic turf, 4G artificial grass, 5G sports surface or non infilled astroturf please visit our homepage at

IRB Type 22 Rugby Artificial Sports Pitch Synthetic Surfaces
IRB Type 22 Rugby Artificial Sport Pitch Synthetic Surfaces

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