Kickabout Area Rebound Welded Mesh Panels Football MUGA Ballstop Fence

Kickabout areas or Multi Use Games Areas are sports surfaces where multi sports like football and basketball can be played. These MUGA sports systems can often be installed with Rebound Welded Mesh sports fencing, to provide a secure area for the sports to be played and also to keep the ball within the playing surface.

The kickabout area fencing is often constructed to dimensions of 3.0m high x 2.50m wide, with a 8/6/8 system. This is a 6mm vertical wire, trapped with a 8mm horizontal wire.

Twin bar rebound weldmesh ball stopper MUGA Fence costs

The fencing system also comes with 1.2m high super rebound welded mesh panel. This is to protect the fence from ball contact and strengthen this part of the fence. The fencing systems can also be adapted to suit many different types of specification and designs.

This includes 4.0m & 5.0m high systems. Double and single gates can also be installed as standard. Fencing systems like the weldmesh rebound mesh panels can be installed into almost any type of system / area and can be designed to suit and specification, cost requirements and designs.

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