How Much To Build an Artificial Clay Tennis Court?

Many schools and sports organisations choose to build an artificial clay tennis court to replace an existing hard court which has become unusable, or as a brand new top quality tennis facility. The performance qualities of clay courts are generally preferred by most professional tennis players as they slow the ball down and make it easier to practise and develop specific skills.


Although natural clay would be one of the most high quality sport surfaces in terms of performance for tennis, these facilities tend to be very messy and require a huge amount of maintenance on a daily basis. An alternative to the real clay surfacing which still provides the best playing qualities is synthetic clay court flooring.

Benefits of Synthetic Clay

When you choose to build an artificial clay tennis court, it’s important that you have as much information as possible about the specifications and designs so you can pick the right surface type for your project. Synthetic clay sports courts are made up of an artificial carpet, which is coloured in terracotta to match the look of real clay, and a sand infill layer which gives the performance qualities of natural clay. This sand goes through a baking process which gives it the colour of natural clay to match the terracotta synthetic carpet surfacing. The main benefits of having an artificial clay court built for tennis are:

  • Much less cleaning and maintenance is needed when you build an artificial clay tennis court compared to a natural clay court. Where natural clay courts need to be watered and groomed every day, regular drag brushing and removing dirt is enough to keep synthetic clay surfaces in good condition.
  • The playing characteristics of synthetic clay courts are almost identical to real clay surfaces in terms of ball bounce, pace and slide. This enables the player to practise different skills in the same way that they would on a natural clay court.
  • During wet weather, natural clay courts become unusable as they are non porous and start to hold a lot of water. You don’t get this problem with synthetic clay as the whole system is completely permeable, allowing water to drain through it so game play can continue during all weather conditions.
  • Synthetic clay tennis court surfacing has been tested and approved by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) with a court pace 2 medium/slow categorisation, so you can be sure you’ll be playing on a top quality professional tennis facility.
  • The sand infill in this specification of artificial clay court surfacing gets its bright orange colour through baking rather than dying, this means that the colour lasts longer and will not rub off on players’ clothes and skin.
  • As real clay tennis court surfaces create a lot of dust during game play, they are not suitable for indoor use. But artificial clay courts do not create dust so they can be installed and used at indoor tennis facilities.
  • 88% of the world’s most successful tennis players developed their skills using a clay tennis court, proving that this surface type is the best for creating future sports stars.
Clay Tennis Court Installation
Clay Tennis Court Installation

Costs to Build an Artificial Clay Tennis Court

The costs and prices involved with having a synthetic clay tennis facility installed can vary and are dependent on a number of factors such as the dimensions of the area, project location and the ease of access to site. No two projects are exactly the same so there will always be some variation in the pricing and specification of the final product. Overall, choosing to build an artificial clay tennis court can prove to be very cost effective compared to other surface types as the maintenance requirements are fairly low. The synthetic clay surfacing system can also be installed over an existing tarmac court which may have suffered damage or become unsuitable for use. This cuts the costs of the overall construction project as a sub base layer will already be prepared before the installation of the synthetic carpet. Our experienced tennis court builders can talk you through all of the different options and the prices for these services.

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We can be flexible on our quotes to make sure that each organisation gets the best value price for their tennis court surfacing installation. If you’re looking to build an artificial clay tennis court or you’d like to discuss a similar sport surfacing project with us, please send us the details using our enquiry form. We will get back to you with some professional information in regards to surface specifications, maintenance and pricing. You can also take a look at our website at to find out about the other sport surfaces we install such as 3G grass football pitches and athletics track facilities.

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