Multisport Squeegee Applied Surface

Multisport Squeegee applied sports coating can vary in speed and playability depending on the surface coating applied. The multisport squeegee applied coating on tennis courts and MUGAs absorb a lot anti slip paint in the sports surface and in contrast costs more however the durability and lifespan far outweighs the extra cost.

The squeegee applied coating is applied with a acrylic resurfacer to bind the existing surface, then acrylic non porous paint is squeegee applied in a few coats depending on the state of the ball court.

The coatings used are water based acrylic paint onto a non porous sports court so therefore needs to be installed to levels so the rainwater flows off the pitch to make it an all weather surface.

All of these come in a selection of colours to enhance the appearance of the playing courts aesthetically.

Multisport squeegee is installed onto tennis courts, mugas and sports pitches mainly abroad because of the british weather conditions and this system being a non porous sports surface.

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