Multitop Polymeric Sports Surface

Multitop polymeric surfacing is a porous polymeric surfacing system installed on multi use games areas and also MUGAs. It is a single layer rubber EPDM rubber crumb material with a paint applied to the surface to meet slip resistance for multi sports purposes including football, tennis, netball, basketball and athletics.

The multitop surface is part of playtop range and is installed throughout the UK onto a solid sub base which generally needs to be flat with the correct tolerance however as this sports surface is laid insitu on site then deviations can be ironed out should there be certain areas undulated.

During the life of the multitop sports surface for MUGAs then the anti slip coating applied which is a moisture cure polyurethane paint can be re-installed several times on the multitop surface dependent on the sports usage. The sports usage can differ in areas because obviously the goalmouth in football usually gets worn first and the slip resistance of the polyurethane coating is what gives the playing performance to the sports surfacing installed on multi sports areas.

Multitop Surfacing Designs

The standard colours for multitop surfaces is green, red and blue and the rubber crumb is usually installed to a depth of 15mm. The sports surface known as multitop is a porous surface so is best for the multitop surfacing to be laid onto a open textured porous macadam so that the porosity of the rain can flow through to the sub base where drainage can be installed.

Multitop porous rubber crumb surfaces can be designed, costed and priced to meet any requirements the schools, leisure centres or colleges might have. Sometimes the site might have site restrictions so the size and dimensions might have to suit that particular project. As the multi top sports surface is laid insitu it can be laid to fit any size, area or budget. The design and specification can be done to tailor fit any installation.

Polymeric Surface

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