No League Match Shall be Played on an Artificial Surface?

The Premier League rules at present are “No league match shall be played on an artificial surface” but sooner rather than later this ruling will be abolished. The main advantage of an artificial sports pitch surface is that it can be played on in nearly all weather conditions. The synthetic turf doesn’t become a mud path and training can be carried out on the sports surfaces the day before or even hours before, unlike a natural sports pitch.

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What is an Artificial Surface?

As the artificial grass sports pitch can be used all hours of the day the ability to rent out the pitch is a major selling point. Football clubs at present are struggling financially to pay the stadium costs, training facility costs and this synthetic turf pitch could be the answer to save on the training facilities but also create extra revenue from renting out.

The two most prominent English football clubs to currently use third-generation artificial pitches are Sutton United, whose FIFA 2-Star quality pitch was installed at Gander Green Lane in August 2015, and Maidstone United, whose 2-Star pitch was built along with the new Gallagher Stadium in July 2012. –Wikipedia

Many football players seem to be for the idea and also against the idea at present but this is because they are not educated with the new type of sports grass available and still think of the artificial pitch to be the plastic astroturf type carpet. The astroturf has developed vastly over the years and the 3rd generation 3G grass has the same playing characteristics as natural grass.

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In 2014, the Premier League was asked about the idea of matches being played on artificial grass after a number of Champions League clubs were forced to abandon matches due to an unsafe playing surface. With these surface becoming more and more viable for lower league teams in the UK, it is now being asked as to why the Premier League cannot implement the surfaces into their matches to avoid any cancellations and postponements of fixtures.

The best part about synthetic turf in professional sports is that it wasn’t designed with only one sport in mind. This means that the turf surfacing is perfect for football, rugby and many other sports. It is already being used in Rugby as professional teams such as the Saracens have recently had their synthetic pitch installed over the last few years.

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With properties that only offer the player more benefits over standard grass, it is very questionable as to why artificial grass isn’t a widely considered option. After the approval of 3G pitches from the FA, it is clear to see that it is only a matter of time before we start seeing more and more artificial pitches used by teams across the UK.

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