Outdoor School Playground Safer Surfaces

We are commonly known very differently between companies who try to put their twist on the name of wetpour. DCM use the name absorb a fall, RTC go with the name of billy bounce, abacus and Charles Lawrence use the name on playtop, redlynch use safer surfacing. We like to use whatever the customer would like to call the surfaces from wetpour, rubber surfaces, playtop, spongy flooring, playground surfacing, impact absorbing surface etc.

External School Flooring

We offer the full range of surfaces that can be installed in parks, leisure centres, play areas, nurseries, daycare centres, schools, colleges and universities. In schools, surfaces such as wetpour are used due to the many designs that can be completed on them.

This includes many different traditional and modern games and educational games. For example, many schools have hopscotch designs done on the surface to promote educational activity to their pupils during their break and lunch break.

These are also excellent for ensuring that the children gain the fresh air that they require on their return to the classroom. This is highly beneficial because the teachers will be able to complete their jobs of teaching the children to a much higher standard because of their wider attention spans.

Outdoor Educational Surfaces

The maintenance of a school surface is not essential but it is strongly advised by our specialist team. This is because not only will it allow you to maximize your surface’s life span, it will enable you to spot any damages to your surface as soon as possible.

The reason behind why this is so beneficial is because minor damages can grow into much larger damages which will obviously cost you more. So by finding these damages when they are only minor, you will be able to seek repairs for minor damages to prevent them growing and costing you more.

In a playground, there should be no excuse not to contact us regarding the repairs of your surface due to the possibility of children injuring themselves on the damaged area.

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