Play Area Surface Finish

Play area surface finishes is a soft safety floor which is designed for use on children’s play areas which need a safety floor due to the installation of equipment with Critical Fall Height. Worn areas which need regeneration or new build schemes are often specified or designed with soft springy safety floor or wet pour as this system is designed to offer toddlers and children safety when playing on equipment or general play.

We can assist you with a number of different topics regarding Play Area Surface Finishes and are more than happy to assist you in finding the answers you need.

What is a Surface Finish?

Wet Pour or play area finish is made from SBR base and an EPDM recycled rubber, which is mixed with binders and troweled into the required play area. Depending on the CFH of the equipment, the Wet Pour can be finished to different depths to cover a maximum fall height of 3.0m.

Soft tarmac can be laid over 3 different sub bases – Concrete, Tarmac or MOT Type 1 stone. Wet Pour safety play flooring can be laid to any size and any dimension and can incorporate many different designs and graphics. Wet Pour and Macadam Graphics can also be made to bespoke designs and specifications to suit a specific project.

If you are looking for graphic designs in the surface, maybe for kids’ play area or athletics facility, we specialise in creating these to exact requirements including size, colour, designs and more. We can help you in finding the perfect design for you and can show you all of our different surfacing options to find the perfect choice for you!

Play Area Flooring Designs

Costs of the surface can vary due to the specification, size, location and colour of the area. Black is a standard colour of wet pour but we can also produce in 12 standard colours, along with 50–50% colour mixes or flecks.

Rubber Wetpour Safety Surface and Repair supplier cost

There are many different finishes for our flooring that are all unique and serve their own great purposes. The colour choice of your specification will be matched to specifics to ensure that you are happy with your overall surface. We have provided thousands of these flooring options in the past and will be open to assist you in providing the details you are looking for.

Your area will be provided with a great facelift and with the many options available to you, it is very likely that you will love your new area.

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