Playground Rubber Wetpour Flooring Safety Surface In Berkshire

Wet Pour is a safety floor product in which we have installed throughout the country. However, we have completed many projects in Berkshire, especially Reading, Bracknell, and Maidenhead. Soft Tarmac or Poured in Place is an EPDM recycled rubber top surface which in installed over a base layer of SBR rubber.

Rubberised Safety Flooring

Both of these layers have been mixed with polyurethane and the final system provides protection with a critical fall height. This rubber crumb surfacing system is perfect for children’s playgrounds, parks and soft play areas and we have also completed projects in other areas of Berkshire including Newbury, Windsor, Wokingham and Abingdon.

In regards to the repair of your surface, we would like to ensure that you are regularly maintaining your area with a proactive maintenance strategy in place. This is very beneficial to you as it ensures that you are able to spot any damages to the surface as soon as possible to make sure they are repaired quickly and effectively. The reason behind this is that even though the damages may only be small, they are likely to grow into much larger damages in the future. Therefore, clients can sometimes decide to stall these repairs as they are not worried about them. However, damages to your wetpour including crumbled or out of place wetpour can be very hazardous to the children on the surface and therefore there should be no excuses for a delayed contact.

Best Wetpour Providers

If you are in need of a repair for your wetpour surface. We highly suggest contacting us as soon as possible. There are various ways in which your repairs can be completed depending on the severity of your damages. If the damages are only minor, we are able to offer excellent repair kits which can be distributed quickly to allow you to complete the repairs yourself without the assistance of our team. This is obviously cheaper than a full repair of your surface as it involves you completing the labour yourself and will save you time and money. However, if the damages are much more severe, it is highly likely that our team will need to visit the facility and repair it themselves. By doing this, you will be ensured that your facility is safe and that the repairs are completed properly.

Wetpour surfacing is excellent to use on a playground surface due to the excellent suitability it has for a range of different specifications. This means that even though the surfaces may differ in size, shape and colour, wetpour can be made to suit your specification to the exact measurements. We commonly install wetpour to playgrounds due to the safety enhancements it offers to children. For example, the BS EN 1177 standards are met and depending on the thickness of your wetpour surfacing, we can ensure that your area meets the critical fall height completely.

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