Playground Rubber Wetpour Flooring Safety Surface In Cambridgeshire

We have installed wetpour throughout England and have lots of projects in the county of Cambridgeshire. Soft Tarmac or Soft Safety Rubber is made from mixing an EPDM rubber chipping with a PU polyurethane binder and laying it onto an area. The wetpour is great for a number of reasons and can provide a range of different benefits to schools.

Play Area Servicing

Wetpour surfacing is great for ensuring benefits such as aesthetics, safety and engagement. Children are benefited through different areas such as engagement as they are much more likely to have fun on the surface if a game is installed and if it is used in a bright colour. They can then return to the classroom fully revitalised and ready to learn due to the fresh air they will have received in their break. This will consequently benefit the teacher and the school as they are able to do a better job of teaching the children as their attention spans will be widened and they will be able to learn more.

The surface also looks great in a school and can be installed in a range of different colours to brighten a school completely. Ofsted are also awarding more marks to schools with these external services. The safety of a wetpour area is also great for ensuring that the children are protected and unable to injure themselves. It meets all of the necessary requirements including BSEN 1177 and CFH (Critical Fall Height) values to make sure that the school cannot be blamed if a child does injure themselves. However, if your surface is damaged, there is a possibility that the out of place or crumbled wetpour could be hazardous to the children.

Rubber Wetpour Surfaces

We have installed this system in places like Cambridge, Wisbech, Ely and March. The Wet Pour provides protection against critical fall heights and feels soft to walk on and this is why it is used in play parks, golf pathways and playgrounds. It is also laid to different thicknesses to suit the area specification, design and safety requirements. Wet Pour or Poured in Place has also been laid in Whittlesley, Chatteris and Linton.

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