Playground Rubber Wetpour Flooring Safety Surface In Herefordshire

We have worked in the county of Herefordshire on lots of occasions over the past few months and in particular places like Hereford, Ross on Wye and Leominster. We have particularly installed Wetpour in these areas and wetpour is a rubberised safety surface that is made by laying an SBR rubber base layer and then a top layer of EPDM recycled rubber crumb.

Maintaining your surface is crucial, especially on a playground. This is because there is a possibility that the children can injure themselves on any damages or crumbled wetpour. For that reason, the maintenance will not only ensure this doesn’t happen for as long as possible but will also ensure that you are able to spot these damages as soon as possible to save you time and money. The reason for this is that the smaller damages are likely to expand into larger damages if not attended to which results in much larger costs.

Play Area Surfaces

Both of these rubbers are mixed with a polyurethane PU and is an insitu (in–situ) porous specialist safety surface. This type of surface is designed to be installed in places like kiddies play areas, play equipment areas, pathways and parks due to the protection that it provides with critical fall heights. The soft tarmac or poured in place finish can be specified and designed to be installed with different thickness, the thicker the product results in a greater fall height protection.

Wetpour is an excellent surface to install in schools as it provides children with a great external facility to allow them to have fun with friends. The surfaces we install also tend to include some sort of educational purpose. For example, snake and ladders allows children to have fun but also allows them to utilise the numerical, educational aspect of the game. This is obviously very beneficial to the school as the children are more likely to learn in the fresh air when having fun. Regarding the fresh air, as the chidren return to the classroom, they will be fully energised and their attention spans will have been widened, meaning that the teachers will be able to complete their job to a much better standard.

Wetpour Safe Playgrounds

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