Playground Rubber Wetpour Flooring Safety Surface In Huntingdonshire

Playgrounds, children’s play areas, play equipment areas and pathways are all areas that require Wet pour safety surfacing. This recycled rubberised safety flooring is made from mixing a SBR base rubber and EPDM rubber crumb chippings with a PU binder and laying it onto the specified area to the designed effect. We have successfully installed this type of porous, hard wearing surfacing in many Huntingdonshire towns such as Huntingdon and St Ives.

Rubberised EPDM Flooring

The rubber flooring is an excellent material that can be used to create a range of different designs on the surface of a playground or park play area. The area should have all of the different designs installed correctly to ensure that there are no trip hazards. This means that the children will be unable to injure themselves if there are not graphics not correctly installed and sticking out of the surface. The surface should also be maintained regularly as this will allow you to find any minor damages as soon as possible.

The minor damages could possibly grow into much larger damages which not only will cost you much more to repair, but could also cause injuries to the children on the playground. These minor damages can be fixed by you as the only requirement is a repair kit. We can distribute these repair kits which consist of EPDM rubber, primer, binder and a pair of rubber gloves. This is enough to fill in any missing wetpour from your surface.

Play Area Surfacing

Soft tarmac can be installed up to a depth of over 100mm and this can protect with a critical fall height of 3.0m, depending on the sub base. The sub base for this type of surfacing can be Tarmac, No Fines Concrete and MOT Type 1 and these types of systems can be laid to any size, specification and designs, including graphics and different colours. We have also worked in other towns in the county such as St Neots, Ramsey and Yaxley and we have many different product references that are available to use.

Wetpour is a very beneficial surface that allows you to employ a range of different designs such as games and activities for the children. In many schools, the games we tend to install relate to school as they are somewhat educational. For example, a game of snakes and ladders forces the children to use numbers to complete it. Therefore, this improves the children’s numeracy skills and will eventually make them much better in dealing with numbers, allowing them to learn both inside and outside of the classroom in a fun, sociable method.

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