Playground Rubberised Wetpour Safety Surfacing In Leicestershire

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Soft tarmac or poured in place is a safety play surface that is made by mixing PU polyurethane binders with a base SBR rubber and a top recycled EPDM rubber crumb and laid to the selected area. This type of system is perfect for areas such as play parks, playgrounds, pathways and areas with play equipment installed. This is due to the wetpour system providing protection from fall heights, known as CFH, as this system can be installed to different thickness, depending on specification and design.

Wetpour Safety Benefits

The soft bouncy rubber surfacing can provide up to 3.0m fall height protection, depending on the sub base. Other areas where we have worked include Melton Mowbray, Coalville and Lutterworth. Wet pour can also be maintained/repaired as band perimeter repairs can be achieved.

Rubberised wetpour is great for designing unique and beneficial areas in schools. Wetpour can really brighten up a playground because of the many different colours that are offered when choosing these. One of the main benefits of wetpour is the designs that can be employed on the material. A range of unique designs such as games and activities can be created to help engage the children with these games during their break and lunch break. The children will be able to socialise with friends at the same time as having fun and enjoying these games. However, if requested, our team can install surfaces with great educational games to ensure that the children are learning outside of school as well as inside. For example, games such as hopscotch which utilise numbers will engage the children to use these to improve their numeracy skills.

EPDM Rubber Surfacing

Wetpour is also great for providing a smooth, safe surface for the children to ensure they are unable to injure themselves during play. The surface has beneficial safety enhancements including shock absorption and meets all the BS EN 1177 requirements. It therefore also meets the CFH (Critical Fall Height) guidelines and ensures that if the children were to fall from a small height, they would only receive minor injuries. Therefore, this highlights the significance of the maintenance of the surface due to the many different negative outcomes that can arise. For example, if a surface is not maintained proactively, there could be a chance that damages to the surface are not spotted which could prevent a hazard to the children. Maintaining your area is also excellent for ensuring its lifespan is maximised and that it lasts for as long as possible.

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