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The wetpour we offer is excellent for providing a range of different benefits to a school including engagement, safety and aesthetics. The surface makes a school look more aesthetically pleasing due to the vibrant and bright colours it can be installed in. These colours also explain why a school is able to engage their children as the pupils are attracted to these vibrant, good-looking colours. You can choose to have games installed to your surface in a range of different colours, sizes and shapes due to the many options available to you. The games can involve numbers and letters to make them educational and to allow them to learn outside of school during their break as well as inside. Common examples of this include snakes and ladders and hopscotch which both require the children to use numbers to play the game.

Soft Wetpour Flooring

Playground surface rubber crumb can come in numerous specifications. One of the most common is the EPDM Polyurethane Impact Absorbing Wet Pour. This is also known as Bouncy Rubber, Soft Tarmac or Soft Play Surface. This comes in a range of different colours and can be made with different  graphics. These types of surfaces are perfect for play areas and activity parks. Rubber Playground Surfaces can also come in the form of Resin Bound Rubber Mulch. This is better than the more common Resin Bonded Surfacing. Rubber Bound Mulch is made from recycled rubber which is shredded and fully bound which produces a fully porous natural look.

Play Area Rubber Surfacing

Rubber Safety Tiles and Rubber Grass Mats are other forms of playground safety rubber. Rubber Safety Tiles are primarily used in children’s play areas and activity centre flooring. They come in a range of thicknesses and give a porous, non-slip surface and conform to Critical Fall Height if correctly installed. Rubber Grass Mats are made from recycled, clean rubber. Made to be installed over existing grass, it is designed to allow the natural grass to grow through and cover. The Rubber Grass Mat is designed to be a safety surface due to its impact absorbing quality.

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