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Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) are sports areas that can be used for many different purposes. The facilities are marked out for a variety of different sports that multiple games can be played on. This means that they can be a football pitch/tennis court/netball court/basketball court/hockey field all in one. This is great because they save a lot of space, they’re highly convenient and they cater for almost everyone’s sporting tastes. Communal surfaces like those used in school playgrounds, colleges, gyms and public parks obviously see a lot of activity, but, rather predictably, they are also prone to a lot of wear and tear.

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If people are making the effort to use and support their local facilities to keep fit, imagine the disappointment when they get there to find it unfit for purpose. This was the situation faced by a MUGA in London that we recently revitalised. The facilities were extremely popular with the local residents but they had fallen into disrepair. It was dirty, uninspiring and had cracks running along it that would put the San Andreas Fault Line in California to shame. In order to keep servicing the community it needed an overhaul. This is where Soft Surfaces comes in…


The new polymeric sports court started with cleaning the existing flooring with a high powered pressure washer before laying the new one. The new surface is comprised of EPDM rubberised crumb mixed with a binding agent. This has several advantages. Firstly, it’s SUDS compliant which allows water to simply drain away, putting an end to standing water and soggy trainers. Furthermore, polymeric surfaces offer outstanding bounce for both ball and human alike and it actively helps prevent slipping so this will help you in your quest to become the new Andy Murray/Kobe Bryant/Ronaldo/Usain Bolt. Sadly, we can only guarantee the flooring, not your athletic ability. Sorry.

Have a look at our Adidas London MUGA refurbishment project presented in this video. Our specialists worked extremely hard on this project and we can restore your court too!

Once the rubber had set, a non-slip paint was applied. As well as serving a visual function, the paint helps with increased traction on the court to keep the players from getting injured (especially important in British weather conditions). There are an infinite number of colour co-ordination options available but our client chose a combination of a striking bright blue and a vivid green with traditional white lines for the court markings. This particular MUGA was painted with basketball, netball and football markings, but again, this can be reconfigured to suit a client’s needs and specifications.


When you see the photos and the YouTube video of what the court looked like before the revamp it’s difficult to believe that the new court is the same place. Gone is the drab, faded and uninspiring space. In its place is a bright, inviting, stimulating sports facility that you can’t help but be impressed by. The icing on the cake is the new sponsor. The large Adidas logo shines like a bright blue beacon in the centre of the court and promotes a sense of high quality through association. If it’s good enough for Adidas to put their name on it then it must be good. The residents can enjoy their communal space again and interact with one another through their love of sport. And let’s be honest here, we could all do with a little bit more of that in our lives, couldn’t we?

Now the new surface is fit for purpose, maintaining it is relatively simple. Regular brushing and clearing the area of dirt and debris will ensure that it remains porous and a pleasurable space for many years to come.


Although the project in London clearly shows how spectacular a brand new polymeric surfaced court can be, we offer much more than full construction. As previously mentioned, if maintenance is kept on top of then a polymeric surface should last for many years, but an existing court can be rejuvenated with some small repair work. If the court is in good condition but just looks a bit tired and dated, it would benefit hugely from a simple repaint and relining treatment. It may be all that it needs to lift it out of the shadow of Death and get you inspired enough to lift yourself off the sofa and start exercising again.


There are so many customisable combinations available too. As well as field and court sports such as football and basketball, the polymeric surfacing can be used for athletics tracks. A triple jumper can get that extra spring in their step that takes them just that little bit further. Runner’s knees will definitely feel the benefit of a cushioned surface as their feet pound the track. And of course, there’s the safety aspect. Anyone who’s ever fallen over on a polished basketball court floor and skidded along will attest to the fact that it’s extremely painful and the resulting burn that follows makes your leg look like a rasher of bacon. There’s none of that with a rubberised floor. You fall over, the floor cushions your fall, you get back up and carry on. Simples.

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