Polymeric Resurfacing in Newquay, Cornwall

The installation of a polymeric rubberised surface is a perfect way to create a sports are which is extremely versatile

A polymeric surface can be used for a wide variety of sports including, netball, basketball, football, tennis and much more.

Polymeric Indoor Court

The video below shows the installation of a machine laid polymeric sports surface over an existing concrete base in a sports hall.

Please see video transcript below:

00:03 Hi you guys, it’s Stan from Sports and Safety Surfaces here, and on this video today, we’re going to be showing you a polymeric surfacing in Newquay, Cornwall. So the initial thing we did with this job is actually look at the previous surface, and as you can see, it really is in need of a resurface. It’s also quite a dull color too, so we wanted to change that with a polymeric. Next up, the polymeric is then applied, and you can see there the kind of blue strips there that are kind of adding onto the surface, that’s going over the existing surface and really does help transform the color, like we said. And there’s a kind of photo which kind of shows off the scale of this indoor surface as well.

00:38 Next up, the actual line markers are applied, so you can see us doing that here. We actually have lots of experience installing these polymeric surfaces, which are multi-use games areas across the United Kingdom. So you know, depending on your preference, depending on what you need, we can actually provide different line marking and different specifications to suit your need as well as color choices and various other options.

00:54 Now finally guys for the completed project. So as you can see when it’s done with the line markings, it’s absolutely fantastic. The clients were really, really happy with this surface, and obviously gives them the ability to play multiple sports on there, like basketball, netball, etc. And yeah, just a really, really great alternative really, for you know, the surface that they did have. And it helps transform the entire area really as well. Having worked across Cornwall for quite some time now, we actually rank in Google for the following key phrases: Newquay sports pitch installation company, best MUGA court surfacing Cornwall, resurfacing a basketball court UK, indoor PE surfacing in Newquay, Cornwall sports pitch construction, and even more than that.
So for any more information regarding the prices, or specifications of the works that we can offer, just visit our website in the description of this video. Thanks a lot for watching, guys, and I’ll see you guys later.

Polymeric Surfacing in Newquay

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