Poorly Maintained Surfaces Causing Injury Claims?

Poorly maintained surfaces causing injury claims are starting to become more common because pitch occupiers are not maintaining their sports facility correctly or having no sports maintenance whatsoever which is simply making the sports pitches dangerous and slippery.

Many people suffer injuries, whilst playing sport as a consequence of poorly maintained surfaces and firms like mellor hargreaves on 0161 627 2469 are having increased enquiries from players, children, parents about possible compensation claims for personal injuries.

In particular outdoor sports surfaces require regular maintenance and care whether this is an astroturf pitch, synthetic grass all weather pitches, artificial turf MUGA or playground. All surfaces should be kept clean and the artificial surfacing like plastic grass/astro turf/3g grass/synthetic grass must be keep clean and the infill de-compacted. Tears and seems must be repaired before playing takes place because otherwise it will leave the pitch operator and owner open to legal proceedings.

If the keeper of the sports ground fails to take these steps the surface becomes slippery and dangerous to all the players or children on the areas. Injuries that result from poor sports surfaces include fractures and soft tissue injuries. They range from relatively minor to very serious so you need to make sure you are being proactive in keeping maintenance logs and having the surfacing tested annually.

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Please email [email protected] for further details on whether you want information on the correct maintenance or would like to have a test carried out. At present we have funding available for sports clubs and anyone within the educational sector so if you are interested in this funding option please quote TEST50 on the email enquiry and we can help assist you be proactive with your surfaces because this will protect your organisation from potentially debilitating lawsuits.

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