Pressure Washing Tennis Courts MUGA Surfaces

Tennis Court MUGA surfaces are an essential part of any sporting facility and they require regular surface maintenance. Pressure washing of the Tennis Court and Multi Use Games Area is vital to ensure that the surfacing remains free of dirt and algae. If the sports court is affected by a low slip resistance and mildew, then a pressure of the MUGA’S can be a cost-effective solution.

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What is Pressure Washing?

The All Weather Pitch cleaning process starts with a surface clean using a jet wash or HP Rotary cleaning machine. This will ensure that the existing mildew and dirt will be removed from the MUGA whilst not damaging the sports court surface. The Ball Court will then be treated with a fungicidal solution to ensure that future surface growth is minimal.

Pressure Washing is a great method for a number of different cleaning requirements. It can be used to remove;

  • Loose Paint
  • Grime
  • Mud
  • Chewing Gum
  • Dirt
  • Mold

It is crucial that if you require any of these services that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. This is because if your surface is dirty or is filled with any debris, not only will it look much worse than a newly cleaned floor, but it can also cause injuries to players and cause their enjoyment of tennis to be negatively affected.

Tennis Court Cleaning

The replacement of the sports line marking is vital to the playing characteristics of the tennis court and MUGA sports pitches because always need to be very visible in all the sports being played.

The sports lines are usually in different colours for example football white, netball yellow, basketball red but these can be designed or on a specification differently subject to personal taste. Court patching or upgrade of small playing areas may be required and this can be done by a sports surface contractor like Sports and Safety Surfaces. Game Line marking will ensure that the All Weather Pitch remains anti-slip and this will help prevent any injury’s whilst using the sports surface.

Pressure Washing Tennis Court Sports Surfacing

There are a number of sports surface coatings that can be used on MUGAS and these include PU Finishes, Water based or acrylic coatings and moisture curing coatings. The size and specification of the Ball Court will determine the costs of the pressure wash cleaning works.

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