Profoot MXSi 3G Lano Sports Synthetic Turf

The 3G synthetic turf industry has come a long way, and the most reliable and effective product it has created is the Lano Sports Profoot MXSi. This 3rd generation artificial grass surfacing is a sand and rubber filled product with anywhere between 40mm, 50mm and 60mm pile height giving the customer a lot of control over the design and specifications of their desired pitch.

Profoot MXSi 3G Turf Specification

The Lano Sports Profoot MXSi, with 60mm pile height has a pile weight of 1.700g/m2, making it the heaviest and most durable 3G synthetic turf product that Lano Sports manufacture. This ensures with the proper maintenance and care a long lasting, reliable synthetic turf sports pitch.

Unlike most 3G artificial grass products the individual yarns are designed with a diamond shaped structure, giving them great density and resilience, which means that the artificial grass yarn shape will be maintained throughout its life. The artificial grass fibres have a more traditional grass colour due to its two tone, light and dark green colour scheme. The 60mm pile height doesn’t need to have a shock pad layer installed underneath it, so when it comes to construction and installation, this saves time and money, reducing costs and stretching customer budget. The Profoot MXSi meets FIFA2* accreditations, meaning that it’s an extremely high quality pitch, perfect for professional quality football.

The Lano Sports Profoot MXSi is high duty, high durability artificial grass surface, it has a high quality synthetic surfacing, making playing Football easier and effective and also has a long lasting pitch life. The Lano Profoot MXSi is an innovative piece of 3G synthetic turf and is a great investment for any school, leisure centre or sports club. For further details on the costs, prices and specification please fill in the contact and we will only be too glad to assist.

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