Reactive Maintenance On Astro Turf Sports Courts

Astroturf pitches need regular maintenance to ensure that the safety standards, playing characteristics and aesthetics are as true as the day the surfacing was designed, specified and constructed.

ATP or STP pitches come in many different forms. Sand filled, sand dressed, 3G and synthetic systems are all commonly available and each have different playing and performance characteristics, depending on the size, type of sport and level of sport that is required to be played.

What is Reactive Maintenance?

Reactive sports pitch maintenance means that the surface is maintained after the event has happened or has gone past the dates, resulting in major maintenance works. Pro active maintenance means that the surface is maintained on a regular basis, preventing any major maintenance issues.

These maintenance packages can also come in many forms. Weekly, Monthly and Yearly packages are available if required; each brings different benefits to the client and sports surfacing.

Rejuvenation, Restoration Astro Turf All Weather Pitch Surface
Rejuvenation, Restoration Astro Turf All Weather Pitch Surfacing

There are also different types of sports surfacing available in the UK. Asphalt tar macadam & polymeric EPDM are other common systems and they can also be subject to site ongoing maintenance. Soft Surfaces Ltd has helped to maintain many of these systems and currently are involved in many different astro – turf maintenance projects, throughout the UK.

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