Recess Manhole Cover

For many of our Sports and Safety Surfaces that we install, we often come across manholes that require access to drainage and coverage for the safety of children. We are proud to be able to offer great packages that include recessed covers that come in a range of different selections of sizes and are infilled with our special Rubber EPDM surfacing!

Manhole Covers UK

These manhole covers are often not considered when planning for a new surface for a playground or sports surface and have been forgotten about in the past! However, with our support, we can ensure that you are more than happy by providing the exact specification for the ideas you are looking for.

We have an abundance of experience within the industry and specialise in all types of safety surfacing for playgrounds, sports facilities, running tracks and many more. The recessed covers are not only essential for aesthetics to make the playground look nice to fill a drainage hole but they are also critical for safety and precautions must be taken to ensure this. It must be checked if they are within the free fall height of the play equipment.

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What is a Manhole Cover?

A manhole cover is a plate that is placed on the surface on the ground to prevent anyone from getting in or out of the hole. It can be removed to allow this and is a very common item found in every facility across the globe.

Our covers differ to your everyday cover as they are infilled with the material used for your surface to make them look practically invisible and to keep the playground looking as sharp as possible. Surfaces that we offer such as macadam, needlepunch and many more will all look amazing with covers and are commonly created with manholes under them!

Drain Covers

The covers we offer are perfect for a number of facilities across the UK. Regardless of the colour or size of manhole you need for your surface, we can find a solution to your playground or sports facility to make sure it looks amazing and does its job perfectly!

We have often installed these manhole covers for sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts so if you are unsure on whether these lids would be good for your facility please contact us as the answer will likely be yes!

Playground Manhole Cover
Removable Wetpour Manhole Cover

The manhole covers we can provide are of the very best quality. We not only offer the best prices for the best quality but upon purchase, we can ensure that the manholes are:

  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Secure
  • Affordable

They also look great on a playground as you can barely even notice them! You will see an outline of the manhole to ensure that it can be opened if necessary. It will also be very secure to prevent children from being able to remove the cover.

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