Regeneration of Existing Sport Pitch Surfacing

There comes a time when your well used sports surface needs some renovation and an upgrade to make the sports pitch safe, fantastic to use and have significant performance advantages.

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Sports Flooring Regeneration

There are many signs that your current sports playing surface is tired and in need of replacing. These signs include worn game line markings, poor ball roll across the surface, too much infill on the surface, slippery surfacing, moss or algae growing on the pitch and surrounding areas, rips or tears in the carpet, lack of slip resistance, hard surfacing, poor drainage and poor fencing.

Renovation Resurfacing Replacement Sports Surface Pitches

Choosing a surface to upgrade to is a very difficult choice and one that needs careful consideration. You need to consider what sports you consider to be dominant as this may influence the choice of new surface. Sports such as Football, Hockey and Rugby may require a different surface to Basketball, Netball and Tennis.

Sports Surface Maintenance

The expected lifetime of the surface may well influence your choice. Certain surfaces have a longer lifespan than others and it is about balancing the performance characteristics with life expectancy.  There are many surfaces to choose from and they will all give different playing characteristics. These surfaces include Artificial Grass/3G Pitches, Macadam Surfaces, Polymeric Surfaces and Natural Grass.

A main point to consider when choosing to resurface all weather pitch renovate your current pitch is the budget that you available. The cost of these surfaces is dependant of the size and specification. The bigger the area, the better the surface specification, the more expensive the sports surfacing.  Fencing is also an option to consider.

Best Flooring Contractors

Most sports fencing can be upgraded or replaced to allow for double and single leaf gates and goal recesses. If you are looking for new fencing, there are a number of options such as Roll Form welded Mesh, Twin Bar Panel, Twin Bar Super Rebound  Panel and Roll Form Spectator Fencing.

There are many maintenance services that we can offer to existing sports surfaces including:

  • Regeneration
  • Resurfacing
  • Repairs
  • Replacement
  • And many more

We have worked in the industry for many years and always look to provide the best service possible. We pride ourselves on quality and will always give you a range of support to ensure that you are happy with your service.

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