Rejuvenation Removes Contaminated Infill On STP, ATP, MUGAs

Rejuvenation, renovation and revitalisation on MUGA surfaces is the only way of removing contaminated sand in STP / ATP synthetic all weather Astroturf artificial grass systems. Contaminated sand occurs when algal squidge, mud, dirt and sporn has got into the infill of the sports carpet and this is because ball fibres, dust all react with the damp and wet conditions of the UK and the surface has not been maintained or cleaned correctly.

The sand will become contaminated, the surface will lose drainage capability and porosity, and the surface will become slippy and also flood. The contaminated sand on the sports pitch is removed by either an air compressor or jet wash and then removed. Once this has taken place, new clean silica sand is installed and the surface can perform and look like its old self and the upgrade can have instant visual and performance results with the sport surfacing regeneration helping the all weather pitch play like new.

Rejuvenation, Restoration Sand Dressed Artificial Grass Sports Surface
Rejuvenation, Restoration Sand Dressed Artificial Grass Sports Surfaces

Kickabout courts / ballcourts are made to have multi sports played on them like rugby, hockey and tennis and are specified and designed to be installed and constructed and maintained to suit most areas sizes and dimensions. Soft Surfaces ltd has completed these works on areas such as 40m x 20m to 101m x 59m and in many different locations. Astro – turf sports surfaces can also have other types of surfacing maintenance like patch repairs, perimeter repairs, seam work completed and game line markings upgraded and renovated, all to design and requirement. Please call 01625 445760 or visit our website

Rejuvenation, Restoration MUGA Small Sided Football Sports Court
Rejuvenation, Restoration MUGA Small Sided Football Sports Courts

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